Rotman European Trading Competition


RETC 2018 is an invitational three-day event that will be held in Rome (Italy) from Thursday, August 23rd to Saturday, August 25th, 2018.

For full details on team registration, please refer to the Q&A Section.

Please proceed to the sections below for registration steps.

Step 1: RETC 2018 – Team Registration Form

A faculty member, staff member, or student must fill out the ‘RETC 2018 – Team Registration Form’ below to begin the registration process and to reserve a spot for their school. Shortly after, a confirmation will be sent out and their school will appear on the teams page. There are no special duties at this stage. However, your spot will not be reserved until the registration form and the competition fee have been received.

Please complete the ‘RETC 2018 – Team Registration Form’ asap to register.

Please note that your registration is not confirmed until you receive an email from the RETC Co-organizers.

Step 2: Team Member Profile Form and Resume

Please submit the Team Member Profile Form asap.

We also ask that all students send in a PDF copy of their resume. These resumes will be added to the RETC 2018 Resume Book which which will be available to all competitors, faculty and sponsors.

Step 3: Competition Fee

The competition fee includes:
– the accommodation (from Monday 20th to Monday 27th, August 2018) in the “Lisbona” or “Santa Costanza” university residences for all the students (double rooms) and for up to 21 faculty advisors (single rooms);
– the accommodation (from Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th, August 2018) in a 4-star hotel for the others faculty advisors.

For all the students and the faculty advisors, the fee also includes:
– Thursday night reception
– Friday breakfast, lunch, and dinner
– Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner
– Saturday night awards ceremony

Failure to pay the Competition fee by the May 20th, 2018 deadline will result in your school’s spot being released.

Fee Amount: EUR 500 per team (four students plus an optional faculty advisor).

In order to pay for the Competition fee please fill in the form below.

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