Rotman European Trading Competition

Vehicle Sharing

On LUISS campuses (“Romania”, “Pola”, “Parenzo”) electric cars and assisted-pedal bikes, including respective charging stations, will be available 24 hours a day.
The service will be free of charge.
Cars require a valid driving license.
Registered users can use the service’s smartphone app to see which vehicles are available at charging stations on all three campuses and start using them immediately.

The initiative “Green Mobility Luiss” has been powered by Electric Drive Italia and realized in partnerships with Mercedes-Benz Italia | Intesa Sanpaolo bank.
LUISS Green Mobility vehicles can access limited traffic zones and park in blue spaces without paying.

Vehicles must always be brought back to LUISS campuses and plugged into charging stations.
Viale Romania, 32: 10 electric cars and 5 charging stations
Viale Pola, 12: 4 electric cars and 2 charging stations
Via Parenzo, 11: 4 electric cars and 2 charging stations

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