Social Media Challenge


  • Take a picture of you or your team in one of the places shown below.
  • Use Google Maps to locate the places: click on the pictures.
  • Post the photos to Instagram or Twitter (Multiple entries are highly encouraged!).
  • Use 2 hashtags: #LUISSRETC2018 and your 4 letter team code (e.g. #ITLU).
  • Please ensure that your post is available for viewing by the public.

TOURS | Walking

Tour “A”

From Galleria Borghese (“Borghese Gallery”) to Pincio (“Pincian Hill”) | 55 minutes (4,590 meters)

01 Borghese Gallery 02 Fountain of the Sea Horses 03 Temple of Aesculapius
04 Water Clock 05 Little House Valadier 06 Villa Medici
07 Spain’s Square 08 Palazzetto Zuccari 09 Pincian Hill


Tour “B”

From Basilica di S. Pietro (“St. Peter’s Basilica”) to Villa Farnesina | 62 minutes (4,824 meters)

10 St. Peter’s Basilica 11 Galea Fountain 12 Mausoleum of Hadrian
13 Bridge of Angels 14 Saint Mary of Peace 15 Fountain of the Four Rivers
16 Field of Flowers Square 17 Farnese Square 18 Borromini’s Colonnade
19 Villa Farnesina


Tour “C”

From Fontana di Trevi (“Trevi Fountain”) to Colosseo (“Colosseum”) | 39 minutes (2,990 meters)

20 Trevi Fountain 21 Quirinale Square 22 Trajan’s Markets
23 Trajan’s Column 24 Septimius Severus Arch 25 Temple of Venus and Rome
26 Colosseum


Tour “D”

From Pantheon to Bocca della Verità (“Mouth of Truth”) | 49 minutes (3,718 meters)

27 Pantheon 28 Bernini’s Little Elephant 29 St. Ignatius Square
30 Hadrian’s Temple 31 Fountain of the Laborer 32 Altar of the Fatherland
33 Capitoline Museums 34 Capitolium Square 35 Margana Square
36 Turtle Fountain 37 Tiber Island 38 Temple of Hercules Victor
39 Mouth of Truth


TOUR | Driving

Tour “E”

From Casina delle Civette (“House of the Owls”) to Ponte Milvio (“Milvian Bridge”) | 89 minutes (34,9 km)

40 House of the Owls 41 Fountain of Moses 42 Fountain of the Naiads
43 Basilica of St John Lateran 44 Baths of Caracalla 45 Pyramid of Cestius
46 Englishmen’s Cemetery 47 Villa of Good Breath 48 The Big Fountain
49 Bramante’s Little Temple 50 Our Lady in Trastevere 51 Milvian Bridge




● Searching for Ancient Obelisks

Rome is the city that harbours the greatest number of ancient obelisks: 13 (8 are are Egyptian and 5 are Roman).
The Lateran obelisk is the tallest ancient obelisk in the world.

North | North-East East | South-East South | South-West West | North-West
1. Lateran obelisk
2. Vatican obelisk
3. Flaminian obelisk
4. Montecitorio obelisk
5. Agonalis obelisk
6. Esquilino obelisk
7. Quirinale obelisk
8. Sallustian obelisk
9. Pincian obelisk
10. Macuteo obelisk
11. Minerva obelisk
12. Dogali obelisk
13. Celimontana obelisk
All pictures have been taken by Hiroyuki Nagase:
Copyright: Hiroyuki Nagase ( and Shoji Okamoto (

On the Footprints of Caravaggio

1. Madonna with the Serpent

2. Boy with a Basket of Fruit

3. Sick Bacchus

4. St. Jerome Writing

5. David with the Head of Goliath

6. Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto

7. St Francis in Meditation I

8. Judith and Holofernes

9. Narcissus

10. St Francis in Meditation II

11. St. John the Baptist Young I

12. The Fortune Teller

13. The Conversion of St. Paul

14. Rest on the Flight into Egypt

15. Penitent Magdalene

16. St. John the Baptist Young II

17. Pope Paul V

18. Madonna of the Pilgrims

19. St. Matthew and the Angel

20. Martyrdom of St. Matthew

21. The Calling of St. Matthew

22. St. John the Baptist

23. Deposition from the Cross

24. The Conversion of St. Paul

25. The Crucifixion of St. Peter

01 Borghese Gallery and Museum
‘Madonna with the Serpent’, ‘Boy with a Basket of Fruit’, ‘Sick Bacchus’, ‘St. Jerome Writing’, ‘David with the Head of Goliath’
02 Casino Boncompagni Ludovisi
‘Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto’
03 Church of Immaculate Conception
‘St Francis in Meditation’
04 National Gallery of Ancient Art in Barberini Palace
‘Judith Cuts the Head of Holofernes’, ‘Narcissus’, ‘St Francis in Meditation’
05 Capitoline Museums
‘St. John the Baptist (Youth with a Ram)’, ‘The Fortune Teller’
06 Odescalchi Palace (private collection)
‘The Conversion of Saint Paul’
07 Doria Pamphilj Palace
‘Rest on the Flight into Egypt’, ‘Penitent Magdalene’, ‘St. John the Baptist (Youth with a Ram)’
08 Borghese Palace (private collection)
‘Pope Paul V’
09 Church of Saint Augustine
‘Madonna of the Pilgrims’
10 Church of St. Louis of the French
‘St. Matthew and the Angel’, ‘Martyrdom of St. Matthew’, ‘The Calling of St. Matthew’
11 Corsini Palace
‘St. John the Baptist’
12 Vatican Museums
‘Deposition from the Cross’
13 Church of Santa Maria del Popolo
‘The Conversion on the Way to Damascus’, ‘The Crucifixion of St. Peter’