General Questions

A school can send a team that consists of either MSc/MBA students or undergraduate students, including those who graduated recently. Ph.D. students are also allowed.

There are 4 students per team (equally divided by gender), plus an optional team advisor (faculty | staff | club head).

We are pleased to accept the registration of up to 42 teams, with more than 1 team per European School. Registration is open until July 27th, 2021 or until 52 teams are registered, whichever comes first.

To reserve a spot for RETC 2021, please fill out the online ‘RETC 2021 – Team Registration Form’ (Step 1 of the registration process).
The form should be filled out by a team advisor (faculty | staff | club head) or a student (when there is no team advisor available). Shortly after, an e-mail will be sent out and your school will appear on the teams page. There are no special duties at this stage. However, your spot will not be reserved until the registration process has been completed.
The second step of the registration process (Step 2) is the ‘Team Member Profile Form’. RETC will compile a participant booklet, which will be available to all competitors, faculty and sponsors. Team member profiles will help identify teams for networking opportunities with students and sponsors that have similar interest.
Registration is on a “first-come first-serve basis”, so please fill out the ‘Team Member Profile Form’ as soon as possible.
We also ask that all students send in a PDF copy of their resume. These resumes will be added to the RETC 2021 Resume Book which will be available to all competitors, faculty and sponsors.
The event is free of charge (registration fees will be waived).
Teams need to complete the registration process by Tuesday, July 27th, 2021.

Teams of four students (equally divided by gender) will have the opportunity to win EUR 10,000 in cash prizes.

Yes, you’ll receive a certificate of participation at the end of the competition.

If you’re in the same team, yes you can stay in the same room to communicate with each other. You may also communicate with the RETC staff via Zoom while we are all on the platform and also via RIT Client using the RIT Chat functionality when we are connected to RIT Client.

This competition is different from other case competitions. For example, there is no data provided for the competition and only the Case Package and associated supporting documents will be released prior to the competition. In addition, you may also find additional support when you connect to the practice cases once they’re released as announced in the Case Package. As the first step, please ensure that you successfully install RIT Client and the RTD Link file from this link:

Yes you’re allowed to use external resources, but this will not help and is not recommended. Please refer to the case package to understand each case and practice accordingly in order to successfully participate in the competition.