Technical Questions

In order to ensure that every team has the same information, any questions asked regarding case content will be posted here. General questions about RETC 2022 Cases will be uploaded once the Case Package is released.

Where can I download the Rotman Interactive Trader Client?

The RIT client v2.0 can be downloaded at

How do I use the RIT Client?

Video tutorials for the RIT Client can be found at

Is there any chance to use the Rotman Interactive Trader Client on macOS?

RIT runs on Microsoft Windows. It does not run on Apple Mac OS’s. If you want to run RIT on your Mac, you need to install a copy of Windows using the Bootcamp program and then install the RIT client on Windows.
Please see RIT – User Guide – Windows and Office Installation on a Mac Computer

Is it possible to use REST API for cases other than the Algorithmic Trading Case?

Yes, REST API will be available for all cases so competitors can use Python or Matlab to build a real-time model. However, order submission via API will only be allowed for the Algo Case.

Does it make sense to prepare some scripts within the practice servers? Or is that useless/against the rules?

Once the Case Package is released, we advise that you read the Case Package and connect to the RIT servers to prepare for the competition. In particular, you may want to develop an algorithm for the Intesa Sanpaolo Algorithmic Trading Case using a programming language that you’re comfortable with.


What programs can be used to develop algorithms for this case?

Teams can use Excel VBA, Python or Matlab.

Is there a base algo in Python or in Matlab?

No, there is a base algo in Excel only (xlsx).

My “Intesa Sanpaolo Algorithmic Trading Case base algorithm” does not work. Why?

In almost all cases, the reason why your base algorithm does not work is because you have an old version of the RTD links. Please install the most recent version as advertised here. Please uninstall the previous version of the RIT RTD/API links and then install the new one according to the instructions that you can find at this link.

Is there an API for the RIT Client to automate the trading?

Yes, RIT Client supports two APIs – Excel VBA API and REST API. In order to use Excel VBA API, please feel free to refer to the following two documents:
RIT User Guide RTD Documentation
RIT VBA API Documentation
If you wish to use Python or any other platforms to use REST API, please refer to the following document:
RIT REST API Documentation

Are there penalties for exceeding position limits caused by the ETF converters?

Yes, there will be a penalty of $0.50 per position over gross and/or net limit.

My market order does not always get executed instantly and is delayed for several seconds. I am wondering how I can avoid this problem.

There is a limit to the number of orders that you can submit per second: the maximum is ten orders per second (1 each 0.1 seconds).

When I accept tender offers, a situation sometimes occurs where the system stops me from accepting them, saying “You have won the offer to buy RITC at 24.89, but you have insufficient positions, containments or trade limits.” What does this statement mean? How do I prevent it from happening and make sure that I receive the tender positions?

Any transaction will be constrained by the position limit (limit-stock and limit-cash in this case). If you do not have sufficient “room” in your position, you will not be able to receive a tender position – even after you have accepted the tender offer. Hence, you need to make sure that you have “room” in your position before accepting any tender offer, so that your tender positions are properly “received” and realized in your portfolio.