Technical Questions

In order to ensure that every team has the same information, any questions asked regarding case content will be posted here. General questions about RETC 2020 Cases will be uploaded once the Cases are released.

Where can I download the Rotman Interactive Trader Client?

The RIT client v2.0 can be downloaded at

How do I use the RIT Client?

Video tutorials for the RIT Client can be found at

Is there any chance to use the Rotman Interactive Trader Client on macOS?

RIT runs on Microsoft Windows. It does not run on Apple Mac OS’s. If you want to run RIT on your Mac, you need to install a copy of Windows using the Bootcamp program and then install the RIT client on Windows.

Do we need to bring our own laptops?

Every participant will use the computers available at LUISS, so you do not need to bring a laptop. In fact, even if you bring your own laptop, you won’t be able to use it for the competition.

Will there be one screen for each computer?

Yes, each competitor will use a PC with a desktop monitor.

What is the resolution of the screens?

The resolution is 1920 × 1080.

Could you please specify the CPUs for the computers that will be used in the competition?

The PCs used in all the cases, including Algo Case, will have the following structure: InterCore i5-8250 CPU 1.60 GHz & 1.80 GHz with 8 GB RAM.

Which software will be installed at the competition venue?

Each PC will be equipped with Windows 10 O/S as well as Excel, Matlab, and Python.
Excel: Microsoft Office 2016 ProPlus (32-bit), which includes Excel 2016.
Matlab: 64-bit R2019.
Python: Anaconda 3 with Python 3.7.

Is it possible to use REST API for cases other than the Algorithmic Trading Case?

Yes, REST API will be available for all cases so competitors can use Python or Matlab to build a real-time model. However, order submission via API will only be allowed for the Volatility Trading Case and the Algo Case.

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