Simulated trading at RETC is structured around the RIT Market Simulator (RIT) platform. The RIT is an order-driven market simulator which allows users to transact financial securities with each other on a real-time basis plus a sequence of RIT Decision Cases. Each RIT Decision Case focuses on the risks and opportunities associated with particular securities or strategies.

A demo of the RIT Market Simulator is available for download. The software allows schools to connect remotely to the RIT demonstration server in Toronto via this server address: “”.

Simply follow the instructions on this page to install and run the RIT Market Simulator.

After installing the application, you will be able to connect to a special Rotman demonstration server running the case Liability Trading 3. The Toronto demonstration server operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


  1. Download the RIT Market Simulator Client application v2.0 here.
  2. Run the RIT Market Simulator Client application by double clicking on your desktop icon or by navigating through your start menu. The login dialogue box displays:
  3. To login to server port 10000, you can type in any username and password and it will automatically create an account if it does not already exist. If you have forgotten your password or the username appears to be taken, simply choose a new username and password to create a new account.
  4. You are now ready to trade.

Related download

The file below is required in order to ensure proper RTD functionality (real time data links between Excel and the RIT client).

For detailed instructions on how to install the RIT Client and the RTD Links, please download the RIT – Client and RTD Installation Instructions.

The syntax of the Excel RTD function is described here or at the bottom-right corner of the RIT Client display (click on the blue-marked “RTD” link).
For information on how to use the RIT Client and its features, please refer to the following User Guides:

  • RIT Client Software and Feature Guide (pdf)
  • VBA API Documentation (pdf)
  • REST API Documentation (pdf)


In order to help users, some videos have been developed. Please see here.


The RIT Market Simulator and associated Decision Cases is currently being sold and used by over 60 institutions (universities, pension funds, and financial management firms) worldwide.

The RIT Market Simulator and associated Decision Cases are custom applications under the Simulation-Based Learning Portfolio managed by Rotman FRT-Lab. To know more, please visit

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